SciFridays: “Saint Nick”

Baddie – Saint Nick. This one is actually pretty obvious.

Lesson – Dubbing makes everything better.

Merry Apocalypsmas, kids.



Here’s the fun part about foreign movies (this one is Danish). They have all this crazy humor that doesn’t make sense to me as an American. Also, there’s a lot of subtle racism. It’s so much FUN. Subtle racism includes, “This is safe, right? I mean, it wasn’t made in China or anything, right?” and the ‘Black Pete’ characters. These are real things, mind you, real companions that follow around mythical St. Nick. However, this movie features two Danish teenagers in blackface.

Now, I don’t claim to know a lot about sound editing, but I feel like I could have done a lot with this dub work. If you can tell that it’s dubbed without looking at the screen, you’ve got a problem. That being said, the soundtrack is decent. The opening number is fantastic.

I have two main complaints about this film.

1) Prop work. It’s sloppy, and inconsistent. The SFX makeup is decently done, and believable. Decapitations and such are well executed, until you see the prop head. Then it’s out the window. There’s also SFX makeup on the horse! The horse! It’s potentially inhumane, but SUPER COOL.



2) Plot consistency. It’s ridiculous. I had a hard time following this movie. Also, since they were working with the sort of omniscient ‘St. Nick’ deal, the murders and such are extremely scattered and unorganized.  There’s plot holes all over the place.  It’s also soul-crushingly sad at the end. Let’s just say they kill several hundred children and leave it at that.

Danish teenagers are crazy. They give each other dildos in class, apparently? And they reward near death experiences with sex. Wait, is that just Danish teenagers? That might be all teenagers. I don’t know. Kids these days, ammIright?

So here’s the verdict. I dislike Christmas themed things, but this was kind of fun. I hope the world doesn’t end in five hours, but if it does I MET MY DEADLINE JAMES.

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