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SecondBreakfast-01Hey, everybody. It’s me, Chris Melville, he who writes under the moniker “Second Breakfast.” When James asked us all to write little blurbs about ourselves, I thought, “Sure, fine.” When it came up that we should do this without sounding douchey, I thought, “Oh, crumbs.” I’m going to try to avoid that, but I’d like to get one thing out of the way first: I am the only writer for this site who has never missed a weekly post, and therefore I am the best writer for this site.

I jest! Everyone who writes here is great, and that’s why Rooster Illusion is great. That’s also why the website isn’t just named Second Breakfast. That name, of course, is a reference to The Lord of the Rings, which I count as one film, and which is possibly my favorite movie ever. It’s right up there with The Adventures of Robin Hood. I’m not all about fun adventure, though; I get film-studenty, and my list of favorite movie continues to include Seven Samurai, Stagecoach, M, Memento, Drive, Bicycle Thieves, and The Fall. And probably Up, too.

Unlike the awesome but unfortunate (Ed. Note: their dedication is both a gift and a curse) writers of Mindless Action Mondays and SciFridays, I was careful to avoid an inhibiting genre. This allows me to review whatever the hell I want, which is great, because I love movies, and I love writing about them. I may have gotten this unpaid job because my boss is nepotistic, but I kept it because I love what I do and I’m not incompetent, racist, sexist, or illiterate.

2 thoughts on “Chris Melville — Second Breakfast

    • A note from the editor: Thanks for the feedback, my dude! Glad you’re enjoying our site and the insightful criticism provided by the writers I’m so proud to work with. I do have a question, though: are you one of those monkeys that went to space? Punctuation aside, it’s super impressive that a primate was able to leave a comment on a blog! That’s so cool! Although I just realized that the number in your handle might mean that you’re one of the proverbial infinite monkeys at infinite typewriters? If so, hang in there, buddy. I’m sure you’ll write the Great American Novel someday. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Later days!

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