Parton the Interruption: Cookie Cinema

[Watch other episodes of Parton the Interruption here] By Drew Parton WARNING: DREW IS A HYPOCRITE AND DOESN’T EAT DESSERTS ANYMORE  Raiders of the Lost Ark (Stephen Spielberg, 1981) = Chocolate Chip Cookies Gotta start out with a cookie staple. Chocolate chip cookies are feel-good cookies. There may not be anything super special or unique about…

Parton the Interruption: The Great Wall

By Drew Parton [Watch other episodes of Parton the Interruption here] The Great Wall is a 2017 Chinese-American movie about Matt Damon fighting monsters that attack the Great Wall of China. Is this movie white-washing? What the hell accent is Matt Damon trying to do?    Follow us on twitter! @RuseterIllusion @YTDrew

Parton the Interruption: John Wick Chapter 2

[Watch other episodes of Parton the Interruption] By Drew Parton Keanu Reeves returns as the badass semi-retired assassin John Wick in John Wick Chapter 2. John Wick once again attempts to retire, when a figure from his past returns calls upon a debt. Follow us on twitter! @RuseterIllusion @YTDrew