Bryan Sibbitts — Half Rack of Sibbs

Rooster Illusion Half Rack of Sibbs

About 22 years ago, a little baby boy was dropped on the doorstep of an unexpected couple in the middle of nowhere. What this couple didn’t realize was that this boy would grow up some day… into a man who would in turn save the world from evil as we know it. This man is Bryan Sibbitts!

This story like most, is made up to make a normal run-of-the-mill guy like Sibbitts seem a little more exciting than he really is. The truth? A 22 year old college graduate from Canton, NY (basically Canada) who now lives on his own in Buffalo, NY and currently spends his time playing music, shoveling pizzas, drinking coffee and of course watching movies and tv shows. What people don’t see is Bryan’s history with the arts. Bryan has been playing music since 3rd grade, has been involved on stage since 4th grade, and even starred as “Captain Heckham” in the most anticipated movie of his high school career, Jingle All The Mother F!@#ing Way alongside Rooster Illusion himself!

Since the movie released, Bryan attended SUNY Fredonia for Music Education. Little did he know he would be writing for an amazing blog 4 years later with his first post being on the movie Moneyball. This post was a huge success for him because it was the first time he could write about two of his loves…. Movies and Baseball. After the post, he was set out to write more that summer, including a post on the hit Netflix Exclusive House of Cards. His column then finally earned the name Half Rack of Sibbs based on his BBQ loving patriotic personality. Since then, Sibbitts has graduated college with his degree and now patiently awaits what the world has in store for him. Is it the assistant manager job at the pizza place? Or what about a Masters Degree from a mediocre college? No one knows the answer…. but what we do know is this: he will be on that couch hitting you with the smooth quickness and truth that this world needs. So sit back, grab that half rack of ribs in your fridge, preheat the oven to 425 and start cooking, my friends. Oh, and read his column too I guess.

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