Shelley Kandola — Single-Malt Movies

Shelley is responsible for the irregularly-posted column Single-Malt Movies.  Her love of film stemmed from a passion for theater, as she acted her way through seventeen plays and musicals during high school.  One year she won a raffle giving her a year’s worth of free movie tickets, so she saw Iron Man six times in theaters.  She has a thing for Robert Downey Jr., but that ended with The Avengers.  Maybe someday his big pictures will no longer be Marvel movies, but that’s just a personal gripe.

Moving on! By chance, Shelley fell in love with the nerdier things in life, and became a kick-ass computer scientist and mathematician; she’s now pursuing a PhD in mathematics at the University of Minnesota.  Studying mathematics and computer science does not come without its toils, however, so she also happens to be an avid (yet classy) consumer of alcohol.  Thus, Single-Malt Movies was born.

When she’s not doing math, she’s experimenting as a movie-themed bartender.  Single-Malt Movies features both drinks that appear in movies and drinks inspired by movies.  Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they fail (no matter how awesome the movie is).  Regardless, isn’t drinking more fun when you can share it with a movie?

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