Aubrey Fox — Saturday Morning Cartoons

Aubrey is a world traveling fox who speaks roughly four languages, graduated from St. Lawrence University with a major in Conservation Biology (and a minor in Asian Studies), and draws and writes constantly in her spare time all the while marathoning animated movies and TV shows. She grew up watching Disney movies and waking up in the ungodly early hours of the day (thus annoying her parents) to watch Saturday morning cartoons – much like the ones you`ll be reading about in her column of the same name. She enjoys rambling about cartoons and animation and joined Rooster Illusion because it would give her an excuse to do just that.

Aubrey is really terrible at remembering the names and roles of actors, but has a real knack for picking out voices. She enjoys talking about obscure roles of voice actors (such as Tara Strong and Tom Kenny since they’re in pretty much everything) and sounds much like an IMDB page when doing so. She is in no way a film student, but has watched enough animated creations and made a few herself (comprising mainly of stick figures) to feel confident enough to contribute some amount of intellectual discussion about it to the film community. That is, even if a large part of the film community doesn’t seem to take cartoons seriously in the first place. She hates that.

What she loves is art, and to her cartoons are a glorious moving art form that mixes visuals, sound, and storytelling. It is difficult for her to pick favorites, but some Disney, Pixar, Don Bluth, and Studio Ghibli movies are probably in her top 10 films, and some Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Japanese cartoons are in her top 10 favorite TV shows.

In her column, Aubrey will talk about the art in animation and the storytelling ability it holds, as well as touch on the themes presented and the ability of the voice talents.  She hopes that her viewers will enjoy waxing nostalgic with her about the things that shaped her childhood, but also appreciate them as adults, perhaps even more-so.

Without further ado, enjoy your Saturday Morning Cartoons!


PS: Aubrey also apologizes for the missing “g” in her username, as someone apparently already took “saturdaymorningcartoons.” Her anal side is truly sorry for this and she hopes you’ll forgive her.

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