They Grow Up So Fast: It’s Rooster Illusion’s Fourth Birthday!

Rooster Illusion Bossman

It was a big year for Rooster Illusion: we dove headfirst into the salty depths of podcasting and explored long-form writing in addition to our continued ass-kickery in the realm of more traditional movie and show reviews. Our second annual March Madness bracket was a success, in that a bunch of you guys voted and the right movie won (I am in no way subjective on this matter).

I can’t really take credit for the fine, fine work our great team of writers has been doing, but I am the Boss, so I will. It’s all thanks to me. You’re welcome.*

Here’s to another year of watching this thing grow and change from an already pretty cute duckling into a beautiful swan. Thank you, as always, for checking in with us. You, the readers, are the real stars.

Cheers. This round’s on us.**

*But seriously, you’re all wonderful and I’m very proud to host your writing on this site.

**It isn’t.



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