Rooster Recap: “The Following” Episode 13: Havenport

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 11.37.04 PMFirst of all this week, this. It is my most favorite thing in the WORLD when this happens. “The following…by the Following.” YES. Someone made an announcer say this. And yes, I was watching The Mindy Project. I like it. It’s funny.

I’m thanking the grad school gods (They exist, they’re just sadistic and spiteful, like Greek Gods but without all the drunken fun. Those are the undergrad gods) because this show is going to end before my finals week. How will I get my Recap fix!? demands everyone. Have no fear – James is reviewing “Hannibal” and that show is AMAZING and his reviews are full of detail because he’s still fresh and innocent on episode 2. “This week on the Following, Joe does stuff and Ryan reacts poorly. Claire does something dumb. Everyone else exchanges dramatic glances.”

So, we last left Ryan meeting Roderick/Sheriff. Westie knows what Roderick looks like. Also, Roderick stands NEXT TO his police sketch for like, ten minutes. Roderick wisely books it. And now we know Roderick’s real name. TIM. Woof. Scary.

I guess Joe and Roderick had their little lover’s spat. It culminated with Joe choking Roderick. It was less of a blow-out and more of a hissy fit. I also refuse to believe that Joe gets so easily worked up regarding Claire because, y’know, he’s sleeping with Emma and stuff.

Ah yes, 'Ryan Hardy' conference. Not 'FBI'.

Ah yes, ‘Ryan Hardy’ conference. Not ‘FBI’.

Apparently Ryan didn’t ask permission to do this press conference. D’aww. Rebellion!

Oh man. Joey gets kidnapped more times than…uh. Liam Neeson’s daughter. Yeah. I told you all this would escalate. Roderick doesn’t like being second banana. And now he has a death warrant out. This is interesting to me, because I thought they would hold onto the Roderick/Joe powerplay for a while longer. Who’s going to interact with Joe now? Jacob?

Oh hey, Ryan did a great job of being right there to arrest Roderick. He’s always right there. It’s so impressive. I wish they had more FBI agents with that ability.

I don’t think I’ve articulated this yet, but my favorite Kevin Bacon moments are in interrogation, in or out of the room. He’s really good at it. It’s unnerving and creepy and serious and the most real Hardy is. So his interactions with Roderick are really captivating.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 1.18.19 AM

“Don’t move, I’m going to leave you alone.”

Speaking of the FBI doing their job, uh, holy crap. OH WAIT it was Joe, haha. He’s better at this stuff. Really good at killing long distance…with revolvers/pistols. I don’t know a lot about guns, but I’ve watched some Top Shot so I’m basically an expert. Joey has seen a sizable amount of murder now, too, so, this kid is gonna grow up prettttty messed up. With serious trust issues.

I’ve definitely mentioned that Joey serves as extremely literal exposition, and this episode is no exception. And I guess Claire is demonstrating that manipulative skill set we all knew she had. Remember when I said she should take a knife? I WIN! Stomach wounds are suddenly going to take as long as they should.

Onto next weekOH WAIT IT’S GOING DOWN! So much stabbing this week. Two more episodes!

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