Rooster Recap: “The Following” Episodes 10 (Guilt) & 11 (Whips & Regret)

Sorry about last week, kids. As many of know from my constant complaining, I’m a grad student, and sometimes that’s quite the timesuck. So, Episode 10’s recap will be short and sweet.

Guilt: I know why they called Episode 10 “Guilt”. It’s because of how guilty the FBI felt after they sent Ryan Hardy to be in the SAME PLACE AS CLAIRE DURING A SUSPECTED ABDUCTION. Alkdfjowiejalkdjfoaiw what the ever loving hell. This is one of those times where they completely blow off logic in favor of plot. On the plus side, Angel is in the show now. All you other Dexter fans probably squee’d too, didn’t you. Yeah, I knew it. Emma is annoying now and I don’t like her, but Jacob is suddenly 100x more interesting, even if they’re pulling this ghost crap.

Whips & Regret: Remember last week, when I talked about how I was glad that Ryan wasn’t drinking as much, because it meant they were dropping the stupidity of that subplot? Well, they brought it back. And then Joe says “It’s a tired cliche.” which makes me think the writers hate it too, and are being strong-armed.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.19.02 PM

I don’t even…/sigh

The Roderick/Joe thing is flaring up, as expected. That power struggle can’t go on for much longer. They have something in common though, and that’s the propensity to haul off and punch someone else in the face.

Tale as old as time...

Tale as old as time…

DEATH CHANGED ME, whines Jacob. Ugh. Ten seconds ago I thought he was more interesting. Now he’s just some guy who finally killed someone and is now a ‘changed man.’ Gross.

This week, The Following tries to be Beauty and the Beast and a horror movie at the same time. Adorable. Tied up in all of this? Exposition! “Don’t watch it with the lights off.” warns a preview. Why? Because viewing a monitor in the dark for 40 minutes ruins your circadian rhythms? It sure as heck isn’t because The Following is scary, because it really isn’t.

Moar terrorism analogies! Moar ‘other-ing’ techniques! Do you have a fetish? You might be a bad guy! I haven’t seen so much other-ing since The Cape.

Real time prediction: Claire grabs a knife during dinner. Real time actuality: Nope. Because that would have been smart.Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.39.23 PM

This week ends with Joe watching Ryan have sex with Molly. Weird. Molly. Also kind of a weird chick. I smell an unfulfilled prophecyyyy. “I get to do it.” Do you though…? I kinda think you’re going to die first. If Ryan dies, Joe is behind it.

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