Rooster Recap: “The Following” Episode 4: Mad Love

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This week…well well well. If last week was the calm before the storm, this was the storm that was as fierce as a complicated simile that went nowhere.

I am at this weird limbo where I can’t tell if the writers are idiots writing themselves furiously in and out of corners, or if they’re geniuses. Or they read my review. I think the latter is the most likely.

If you will all recall from last week (which I’m sure you will because I have a large and loyal fanbase) I whined about the killers not being unpredictable, and that their flaws were petty and weird.

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 10.03.35 PMThe dynamic of “The Followers” is a strange one. I feel like the story is only partially told now, and while it gets a little more developed each week, it’s definitely a waiting game. Some weeks will be better than others. This week had me re-start to second-guess relationships and actions, so that’s good. It had gotten a little stagnant, so I’m glad they shook things up. I don’t even mean in a particularly jarring way – they just made some interesting social decisions.

Maggie going off the deep end wasn’t really surprising, but her passive method of trying to kill Ryan was, as was the sudden “He has a sister.” This is one of those corners I was talking about. Obviously the relationship was planned to some extent, but they had to toss in some motivation for Ryan that wasn’t Claire, and it seems rushed.

The house threesome got strange this week, didn’t it? Whoa, Jacob’s never killed anyone? Also, “The Raven” just got more morbid, if possible. Thanks Joe.

So this is fun, right? Emma’s totally going to leave his non-gay adorable butt. Tensions in

Pictured: Murderous love.

Pictured: Murderous love.

the house have been stewing for WEEKS. (Or days? Days.) And Jacob’s been gay for three years maybe!

Pictured: Murder threesome.

Haha, joke is on him. It turns out that Emma will kiss anyone who has stabby tendencies. Get in line, boys.

Wait! Joke is on me! It turns out that this killing bond is stronger than I would have expected. This is one of those possible genius moments I was talking about. It was unusual, and I’ll try not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Also, Joey totally knows where the phone is now. Suddenly his incessant inquiries about calling his mother (seriously. So many times.) make sense, I think?

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