SciFridays: “The Quiet Ones” (2014)


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Baddie – The impending and inherent need to complete relevant academic research.

Lesson – The arrogance of psychologists will never ever have a good consequence.

Whoa, look at me going to the theaters all the time and stuff. Also, I went to the AMC here and they have LEATHER RECLINING SEATS. It was the most magical thing ever, but it was very very very dangerous, specifically because it was so damned comfortable; sleep seemed imminent. Behold, I have provided photographic evidence of how comfortable it was. Also, yes, those are my feet. The more you know ~

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In any case, let’s talk about the movie, shall we? Basically, we’re going to be observers as a college research team attempts to, essentially, create a poltergeist. Joseph, the professor who’s leading the team, has selected a girl for the study who is decidedly emotionally disturbed and socially limited, making her the ideal place to attempt and coax out a physical response to psychological issues. He posits that if he can make a physical manifestation of her trauma, they could destroy the trauma and cure her.” His research team consists of two students who are also a couple as well as a student filmmaker who was hired outside of the university. 

Naturally, due to the unconventional techniques and disturbing side effects (loud music and loud screaming), the research funding is pulled and the team is forced to occupy a house on the outskirts of town. For obvious reasons the house is old and creepy.


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It seems to be a running theme these days, but I wanted the film to be more focused, and that was probably my main complaint. This was an exorcism movie of sorts, but because there was no implied possession they had to rely a lot on jump scares. Sorry–I meant exclusively on jump scares. I don’t think there was anything else, really. So by the end of the film, I was adjusted.

Without giving too much away, there’s a twist and while it’s somewhat unexpected, the reason you don’t see it coming is because there’s no indication at all that it might happen and no reason to even suspect that it’s going to happen. Which works well for the surprise factor but poorly for the logic factor.


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There are two moments that I genuinely loved. One is at the onset of the initial possession, or perhaps it’s the escalation of the existing possession. It’s the first indication that there is something truly supernatural going on, and it’s so surreal that it works seamlessly. The second is during a tirade on the part of our cameraman, playing the role of Doubting Thomas with extreme effectiveness.

Additionally, although thematically they went for a pseudo-found-footage “Based on a True Story” angle, about 50% of the film is seen through the camera. This makes for a nice balance between intimate scares and larger plot scares. Overall, I would say the pacing of the film was fairly good too. There is a moment of CGI I wish they had left out, and we could have done without the epilogue entirely. Just chop the last 6 minutes off the end and everything will be great. I will say that everyone’s acting was absolutely on point. I was never distracted by weird performing. Great cast chemistry.


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I certainly don’t regret spending money to see The Quiet Ones and I would recommend it, but, given the choice – go see Oculus.

I’ve got some cool things coming up in the next couple of months, including GRADUATION! Yeaaaaaah~ Masters of Science here I come – but also some neat shark movie columns and recaps of the highly anticipate Penny Dreadful. So keep your eyeballs peeled!

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