Rooster Recap: “The Following” Episode 6: The Fall

“The Fall” is also the name of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE. So I’m going to use this opportunity to plug it. Go see it.

So, are they gay or straight? Panamourous? Pansexual? Asexual? Who cares? OH YEAH. No one. No one cares. Fox. Stahp. I guess it’s alright to use the weirdness of the situation to Hardy’s advantage during the hostage thingy, but then again, the entire hostage situation didn’t make much sense.

“None of you are making it out of here.  Not alive, anyway.” Not…okay. Not making it out of here…means…dead…right? And then why does Emma stay on the phone so long to talk about her dear mumsie? So many mom issues this episode. For serious. Kevin Bacon approaches straight up Hollow Man creep levels in the negotiations, too. You know.



At least we get to find out more about what’s going with Claire. I have a weird little suspicion that she’s in on the whole shebang. Twist! Maybe she’s even better than Joe. If that’s right, I called it. If it’s not, I never suggested it.

Her kidnapper, Johnny (I think?) has one of the better backstories, I think, although the military thing is a bit overdone, I think. He did get located rather quickly though. Oh, but hey! Now we get some insight into the “Followers”. He’s Claire’s ‘Follower’? So are…all of them assigned someone, or what?

Good news! There are TONS of Followers now. And it’s chaos again! I was surprised when the SWAT were ambushed, when the blonde cop turned, etc. Maybe the writers did lull me into a false sense of security when they limited the amount of Followers screen time. Intriguing, but a lot of work/risk for a minimal payoff.

And the cult-expert FBI agent was in a cult. Color me surprised…although not much. Would not have called the creepy child rape though. Thanks for that moment of discomfort.

The-Following-Cast-Promotional-Photo-the-following-30825099-1350-1950In either case, I can’t really speak to the ending of this episode, because I don’t really know what to make of it yet. I guess that Emma is finally going to go solo? She seems strong enough, and the writing certainly tried to assert her dominance this episode in particular, to make the escape plausible, I suppose. Of course, not to Mary-Sue her, she still has maternal remorse. That is probably going to come into play regarding her relationship with Joey.

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