Single-Malt Sterling: The Wind Cries Mary

Because your humble Single-Malt Movies writer needs another excuse to get drunk during the week, I’ll be joining the “Rooster Recap” with weekly reviews of Archer, normally going up on Saturdays.  Today though, I’ll be reviewing Archer as my normal Single-Malt Movies column.  Last week I reviewed the season premiere Fugue and Riffs, whatever those words mean.  The title of last week’s episode was The Wind Cries Mary, and with it I’ll be talking about 12-Year Glenfiddich, because I had the pleasure of tasting some for the first time recently.  Also, you’ll be all caught up in time for episode 3, airing tonight on FX at 10PM!

Maybe Jägermeister would’ve been a better drink to review.

Plot: The episode starts off with Malory running a meeting during which we learn item #5 doesn’t matter, item #6 is about peer review, and item #7 concerns the death of Sterling’s ISIS training bro-buddy, Lucas Troy.  This is sensitive news for everyone because aside immediately after training, Lucas left ISIS to work for arch-spy agency ODIN.  Lucas was also Sterling’s best (and only?) friend.

Poor chubby child-Archer.  His friends just can’t stick around.  Can’t?  Or Won’t?  Either?  Too optimistic (or stupid?) to believe this, Archer sets out to find Lucas and to clear his name as a traitor of both ISIS and ODIN.  What he learns gives rise to one of the most awkward moments in Archer history.  Impressive, given how often that happens.

Onto the alcohol!  Excitingly enough for me, Single-Malt Movies is actually reviewing a Single-Malt Scotch this week.  I plan on trying some fancy Archer-worthy alcohols each week on top of my normal Single-Malt Movies column.  Lucky for me, I didn’t have to buy myself a bottle of the lovely 12-Year Glenfiddich Single-Malt Scotch Whisky because a fellow Rooster Illusions reviewer had a bottle.  Normally it would run about $50 per bottle.  Given the flavor, I don’t imagine that price tag being a problem in the future.  It’s delicious and absolutely worth it.

The majority of this episode revolves around Pam convincing everyone to fill out the peer review worksheets, and around everyone convincing Sterling that Lucas was gay.  In fact, this episode specifically has gotten a lot got a lot of backlash from the internet for the surprisingly high volume of gay jokes.  This is surprising, considering that one of the main characters on the show, Ray, is gay; he’s also voiced by the show’s creator Adam Reed.  Some have said that Archer can get away with it, as the show is known for a disturbingly dark amount of political incorrectness.  Others have said that playing off Lucas Troy as a secretly gay bro-style best friend of Sterling’s was too much.  Sterling’s never felt uncomfortable around Ray before; why is finding out about Lucas his most awkward moment ever?

Uh.  Can we have the radio?

Uh. Can we have the radio?

Personally, I don’t think the episode went too far.  It’s made just as many jokes about race, nymphomania, alcoholism, death, and more.  If you need some help relaxing about the episode, however, might I recommend some Glenfiddich?

Complete with whiskey stones!

Good night everyone, and don’t forget to tune into Archer at 10 tonight!

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