Mini Review: “The Following”

Hey guys – Sarah from SciFriday here. Surprise! Enjoy a brief review of the new show, “The Following” (Fox). Kevin-Bacon-The-Following-TOUT_510x317

If we’re being honest, I first wanted to watch “The Following” because it’s a show about serial killers and it has Kevin Bacon in it.  If we’re still being honest, that’s why I’ll watch the whole season.

Not that it’s a bad show, mind you – it just suffers from what most procedurals suffer from. It takes itself jussssst a little too seriously. It also suffers from recycled-material-itis. (I just made that up, if you can believe it). These aren’t true spoilers, but proceed with caution if you intend on watching the show.

Kevin Bacon plays a jaded alcoholic ex-FBI agent, dishonorably discharged. The serial killer is a British professor popular with the ladies because he’s obsessed with the romantic period of literature, including Edgar Allen Poe. He’s actually obsessed with the ‘beauty of death’ and Edgar Allen Poe.  There’s a young upstart FBI profiler/CSI guy who’s a bit impetuous and kind of a smart aleck. Obviously there’s a love thing.

Now, that being said, “The Following” has a unique hook. It’s hook is the following. Sorry. Again, it’s not a true spoiler as it was alluded to in the previews, but the serial killer has been able to recruit helpers because he’s crazy dynamic, and those helpers are doing what every serial killer has ever wanted to do. Avoid the police by being random and insane.

In short, I’ll be watching the whole season. I also landed this meta business on IMDB when I went to take a look. Enjoy.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 11.37.16 PM

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