March Madness Round 12: ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ vs. ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

Well, how about that? Selma defeated Interstellar in the quarterfinal, securing a slot in the semifinal against Guardians of the GalaxyI wonder who’s gonna win that. You’ll have a chance to vote for that in a couple days, but first let’s determine the winner of our last quarterfinal to see who will face off against The Lego Movie for a shot at the finals.

March Madness-9


Today (re: tomorrow) we witness the final destruction of either a much-better-than-it-should-have-been Tom Cruise sci-fi action/adventure or Wes Anderson’s latest Wes Anderson movie, an often hilarious, often exciting, often melancholy adventure set in Europe between World Wars. Need a recap on either Edge of Tomorrow or The Grand Budapest Hotel? Follow the links and read our (my) reviews, but don’t forget to come back and vote when you’re done.

Warner Bros./Fox Searchlight Pictures

Warner Bros./Fox Searchlight Pictures

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