Rooster Recap: ‘House of Cards’–Season 2, Episode 2

Rooster Recap

Life moves quickly, people. And if you’re not ready, then you will be dead….y…..? Or thrown in front of a train. Either one. But enough joking around, let’s get right into this week’s recap of House of Cards.

If you haven’t seen the episode, I suggest waiting to read this post. Spoilers ahead.

With the swearing in of Frank as Vice President, it is now official. The man that was once outside the frame is now within striking distance of the most important seat in the nation.
If that doesn’t scare you or put an evil smile on your face then you obviously aren’t obsessed with this show like I am! Or you could be just a normal person like everyone else. The “ceremony” is done in the comfort of Frank’s own home, while the necessary security renovations are being installed because he doesn’t want to move into the big house on the hill. Some call it foolish, but let’s be honest: Frank wouldn’t want it any other way.

Along with other new things, Claire is looking for a PR Representative for her and Frank. Just to manage the day-to-day interviews and public interactions. It can sometimes be a little much, and we all know it’s so easy to slip up and say or do something that might get unwanted attention. Regardless, it’s an educated and wise move that also brings a new character into the light…who could possibly later on get thrown in front of a train.

Later on, Frank and Claire go to their first ceremony as a Vice Presidential couple. The ceremony is to honor and recognize two soldiers for their valiant efforts fighting for our country. What is the twist you say? Here’s one: One of the soldiers that is being honored is the man who raped Claire back in college. When Frank catches wind of this, he is furious (which he should be). But, the act as been done. And instead of causing a ruckus, Frank decides to toughen up and let it slide… for now.

Meanwhile, a new face (and a good looking one at that) has risen up in the ranks. Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker), the Frank-endorsed candidate for his whip seat, starts to play her moves in convincing congress to elect her into the seat. What she doesn’t realize is that the path isn’t as easy as it seems. She has big shoes to fill. But she’s tough enough.

Beauty has a name…. –

As conflict arises between China and the USA over trade agreements, a familiar face has reentered the frame: Raymond Tusk. Tusk is the Presidents right had man in business. A strong advisor. And of course, this pisses Frank off. He wants the power of puppet master. But, like you can already imagine, he knows what he needs to do in order for that to happen. Make Tusk look like a fool that no one should take advice from.

Meanwhile, Lucas is mourning the death of Zoe by trying to find out what exactly happened. The video shows her “tripping” or “jumping” in front of the train, but Lucas doesn’t want to believe it. So, he in turn searches for an answer. That answer is the “deep” internet. The “deep” internet is an internet that can’t be found in 97% of all search engines. It’s like an internet within an internet. He wants to access the Vice President’s phone records. Is it easy? Apparently you can search for it, so maybe it’s easier than we thought?
Well there ya have it folks! A lot was covered in that episode. And it just keeps coming. So strap on those cargo shorts, hipster glasses, and Underwood 2016 shirts. Be prepared to be impressed…or be prepared to be thrown in front of train against your will. Maybe even both.

Hungry Hungry Frank-os! –

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