Rooster Recap: ‘House of Cards’–Season 2, Episode 3

Rooster RecapIn the real world, there are so many things we don’t hear about that actually happen in Washington. In the House of Cards world, you go behind the doors, past the paperwork, the Meechum, and straight to the source. The House, The Senate, The President, The Frank.

This episode may “bore” some people but to people like myself, it’s a cool way to get a feel for how in a matter of hours, things can change on the Hill. Now, it’s probably not as dramatic as the show plays it out to be…but if it wasn’t, we would all be watching C-SPAN pants-less while eating DiGiorno. Hold onto your J.O.S. Bank half price suit, ladies and gentlemen, this ain’t delivery. This… is Episode 3.

If you haven’t seen the episode, I suggest waiting to read this post. Spoilers ahead.

When people picture a Vice-President, they see a person that stands around, smiling, kissing a few babies here or there…but mainly keeping quiet. To me, this is so odd. How can the most powerful man in the country have an understudy that literally is nonexistent in the political world? Now the VP is technically the President of the Senate (which is come to light in this episode) but besides that…he really is just there to aid the president or in Frank’s case… wait. Wait for the chance to get the seat he really wants.  And until then, ‘Imma do some work son!

When the Vice President comes a walkin', don't bother flockin'! -

When the Vice President comes a walkin’, don’t bother flockin’! –

Frank wants to pass a bill that would raise the age of retirement to 68 and early retirement at 64 respectively, which will save millions over the next 15 years. The President doesn’t agree at first, and in fact in his State of the Union address, actually bashes it. But after about 7 minutes of heaven with sly Mr. Underwood, he changes his mind. Frank then strikes a deal with a GOP leader Sen. Haas (Basically the Ted Cruz of this world) to get them to pass the plan which in turn won’t freeze the government. But wait, what’s this? Sen. Haas changes his mind last minute and now Frank has countless of votes he needs to acquire before the senate hearing later that day. Oh no! Let me just worry about that for 30 seconds before I realize who we’re dealing with here. Oh yeah, its Frank. After doing some light research, an obscure parliament rule appears. During the quorum name call of the Senate, the Republicans immediately start to leave so that the quorum would not happen. Frank then plays that aforementioned rule to demand that all Republicans must return to the chambers or be arrested. After a brief pause, several Republicans are dragged back into the hall in handcuffs to resume the quorum and vote on the amendment. What happens next? The amendment passes.

The face says it all... -

The face says it all… –

A man I mentioned earlier, Raymond Tusk isn’t too happy. In fact, when Frank convinced Tusk to talk to the president, Tusk doubted the plan and didn’t like it. But, I think the main reason he did was because, unlike most people in the show, Tusk can see where this is going. If the President agrees with Frank, Tusk can chalk that up as a loss power and influence. However, Frank knows Tusk was being two-faced the entire time, but c’mon. Who the hell in Washington isn’t? Frank’s last remark to Tusk? “It’s okay, Raymond – Jesus forgives you.”

Meanwhile, remember that overly attached dude Lucas from the Herald? Yeah, he still is doing whatever he can to find out the truth of Zoe’s death. After contacting an unknown hacker on the “deep internet,” Lucas arranges a meeting with the hacker in his little hacker cave, with hacker computers, screens, and even a little hacker guinea pig Cashew. What Lucas doesn’t realize is that someone knows about his little game he is trying to play. That man, who also is my favorite character, is DOUG STAMPER. For those of you who don’t know who that is, then it’s clear you haven’t watched any of this show at all and now I’m confused as to why you’re reading (but, I’m glad someone is I guess?). Stamper is Frank’s right hand man, his chief of staff. He gets shit done. So, this is obviously pretty bad for our pathetic friend Lucas.

With that being said, things are starting to get heavy in the way of other characters coming into the light. And those characters are the fine ladies of House of Cards! Look out for Claire (Frank’s Wife), Jackie Sharp (Majority Whip), and Rachel (Russo’s Hooker from season 1) to make some impact in how the rest of the season plays out. After officially finishing it for the first time last weekend, it is safe to say I will be re-watching this season at least 2 more times to follow these ladies a little more, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

From here on, things get…interesting. Now is not the time to binge watch it. Take it an episode at a time and see how it sits. Let it really play out in your head. Get those gears turning. Until then, I’ll leave you with a poll to see what my fans (if any) think: who will start to steal the show for the rest of the season. I know who my vote’s for… but I’d love to see yours!


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