Rooster Recap: ‘Justified’ Season 5, Episode 3: ‘Good Intentions’

Rooster Recap

This week on Justified:

Picking off almost exactly where the last episode left off, Raylan is preparing to actually enjoy himself with his house guest (Amy Smart), when a threatening baseball-bat-wielding chap interrupts things. Oh, bother. I hate when that happens. Raylan sorts him out and deduces that this thug was likely sent by the recently-out-on-bail owner of the house, Mobster Guy. That turns out to not be the case, but Raylan doesn’t learn that until he’s already confronted Mobster Guy. This spurs Mobster Guy to worry about the safety of his… safe. The safety of his safe, yeah. Particularly the gold inside it. He muscles some info out of his maid/maid with benefits, who indicates that if anyone’s gonna be stealing stuff from Mobster Guy, it’s most likely he who installed the security system, one Wynn Duffy. We know him, don’t we? Well, Mobster Guy sends his maid over to the house to try to retrieve the bars, but Raylan and Rachel catch her and make her tell him the gold was already missing. She does, which causes the Mobster Guy to go after Duffy himself, which doesn’t go well, obviously. He gets shot and wounded and arrested. Yeah… not so smooth. Raylan has to consider the possibility, however, that his lady friend may have been part of the whole plot, and possibly a more nefarious criminal.

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That’s it for Raylan. Tell you the truth, his storyline wasn’t all that interesting this week, but that’s okay, because BOY HOWDY did things ever happen for Boyd.

So, Boyd’s noble quest to clear his fiancé of murder charges is not going well at all. Things became yet more complicated when a mysterious unknown steals all of his heroin. Yeah, crumbs, right? Sadly, Boyd must put his noble quest on hold for a wee bit in order to search for his missing goods. Pretty soon he does manage to track down a lead: a dealer who blabbed to a prostitute the delivery location. This act of blabbing did happen in the previous episode, but I failed to mention it because I thought it seemed unimportant. Well, I was definitely wrong.

"I made a huge mistake." Source:

“I made a huge mistake.”

Wynn works over the dealer for some info while Boyd tries to also manage the myriad other things going horribly wrong in his life right now. Specifically, after waking up from his Boyd-induced coma, Lee Paxton commissions crooked Sheriff Mooney to kill our dear Mr. Crowder. In an unexpected twist, Paxton’s wife Mara remains loyal not to her husband, but to Boyd, and together they coerce Mooney into siding with them, and convince Mooney to misinform Paxton of Boyd’s untimely demise.

They’re going to need to produce a body, though. Fortunately, bodies aren’t that hard to come by in their line of work, so they decide to apply some of Boyd’s tattoos to a handy corpse and show that. Mara, however, becomes something of a nasty femme fatale, and has one particularly troubling scene tempting Boyd. Nothing happens, but still, that’ll just make things even worse for Boyd in the near future.

Speaking of worse, Dewey Crowe’s cousin Dilly sure is stirring up trouble over at the ole whorehouse. Not too much trouble, but of the more subtle variety, sowing the seeds of doubt in poor Dewey, and putting him under the impression that Boyd perhaps swindled him on the price of the brothel. Dewey goes to Boyd asking for some of his money back, but Boyd talks him out of that, encouraging him to take charge of his own life and send Dilly on his way. When Dewey returns to Dilly, though, it seems the latter has some interesting information for the former: it would seem that Dewey’s manager has been skimming money for Boyd. Like, a couple thousand dollars a week. Dilly suggests that Dewey should execute his traitor, and this means that, you guessed it: more trouble for Boyd. Geez, I sure have been using the word “trouble” in this article a lot. Yeah, so turf war with the Crowes looming.

Poor boys. Source:

Poor boys.

Anyway, to wrap up the episode, Boyd’s goons manage to track down the prostitute and “convince” her to give up who hired her to find the heroin shipment. And rejoice! Here is the most pleasing twist of the night: Johnny Crowder.

I’m really excited to see the return of Johnny. Poor Boyd has about three different antagonists, now: Paxton, the Crowes, and now Johnny, all while his beloved Ava is in prison. Notably, things always go more smoothly for Boyd when he has Ava with him. What I’m still waiting for, though, is to see Raylan get involved. As you may have noticed, the last two episodes have been kind of inconsequential for Raylan; everything is happening to Boyd. Raylan is definitely going to involved soon, I think in the next episode, and hopefully with a literal bang.

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