Octoberween Nine: Yes, Again

Well friends, it’s that time of year. The spices have been pumpkin’d, the nights are getting longer, and deep in my bones I feel a yearning to write something other than work emails*.

To some, these changes herald the start of jacket season. While Rooster Illusion has a keen appreciation for fine outerwear, ’round these parts “that time of year” can only mean one thing: This time of year, which is now. And now? Folks, you better believe now is Octoberween.

“This introduction gets worse every year!” “If only someone would introduce the writer to an editor!”

Ignore those sassy puppet men. Over the last ten years, Octoberween has been described as many things, all of them complimentary: The Witches’ Disco. The Gothic Hootenanny. A cheap way to sell greeting cards for a holiday that will never exist.

However our twelve dedicated readers choose to think of this very real and universally beloved celebration of the cinematically macabre, I’m sure they’ll agree that this blog post is announcing even more of it. We’ve got another month of Vampire Draculas, some other stuff, gnarly murders feels like a safe bet, and uh am I doing The Wolfman this year? We’ll see.

Octoberween. Whatever it is, here’s some more. Enjoy.

*Just circling back on those horror movies.

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