Octoberween Six: This Time, It’s Octoberween Seven

Webster’s Dictionary defines “sequel” as: We did this already, but now we’re doing it again.

Like so many Draculas before us, Rooster Illusion has risen from the dead for a second time. Did you ask for this? We don’t know. Did we ask for this? Our number-crunchers are crunching numbers as we speak. What we do know is that this is Octoberween Seven, and that can only mean one thing: We’ve done this six times before, so we should be able to figure out how to do it again.

Octoberween. The Witches’ Disco. The Gothic Hootenanny. The time for masks and mischief*, when the veil between our world and Spookytown is at its most Beach Bod Ready***. A month of sinister pumpkins and vaguely threatening lattes, when the leaves are turning and a cold wind is sending the last vestiges of Summer to Hell, probably.

As always, we’re taking it upon ourselves to get you, our twelve dedicated readers, in the mood for Halloween, the grooviest of candy-themed holidays****. What does that mean in these uncertain times? It means the same thing it’s always meant: a very loose definition of what constitutes a horror movie, coupled with a month-long sugar high and responsible weekday alcohol consumption.

So here’s to the chills, thrills, tricks, and treats. Let’s raise a glass to The Great Pumpkin, cue up our favorite seasonally-appropriate movies and/or episodes of television, and get down to the very serious business of Creating Spooky Vibes.

Rooster Illusion is dead. Long live Rooster Illusion.

*Or, if you’re a Gamer, Mr. Chief**.
**Check out my new play: Footnotes: The Musical!
***Rooster Illusion believes that every body is ready for the beach. Even if your corporeal form isn’t ushering occult horrors into our reality, it can absolutely rock that swimsuit.
****Candy. The Devil’s Charcuterie.

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