Rooster Illusion: Closing Time

That’s right, folks. After six years–holy shit, ten years if you count its origins as a column in a college newspaper–I’m laying this old bird to rest. Ideally, I would be writing this post after Rooster Illusion had reached majestic heights and launched every writer into the stars, career-wise. Then again, maybe not. I like to think we had a good run. Chris, Sarah, A, Aubrey, Will, Drew, Colin, Shelley, and Bryan all did great work here. It’s been a privilege to watch them grow as writers, and perhaps a greater privilege to see them move on*.

With that in mind, a message to the writers: If any of you nerds are reading this, I wish you all the best. You’re goddamn rock stars.

The site will remain up until August 7th–and maybe after, I don’t know how stuff works–so until then, here’s a quote that helps me get through the big changes: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Yeah, I’m going there. Later days.


*Just to be clear, I also moved on. We all got day jobs and left this life behind. Or we already had day jobs? We definitely did. Anyway, it was like the end of Trainspotting, but nobody got ripped off and none of us did heroin.

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