Happy Birthday to Us: It’s Rooster Illusion’s Third (3, tres, troi*) Birthday

Rooster Illusion Bossman

Three years. Wow. What a ride. We’ve taken life a quarter mile at a time, and now WE’RE ALL GODDAMN ROCKSTARS. Thanks for reading, you’re the best (hi, Mom, Happy Mother’s Day, you really are the best!).

Last year saw a lot of changes. The site got a makeover—the montage was to die for, I really wish you could have been there—and merchandise. This year, we’re adding a new writer to our roster, and who knows, maybe I’ll even start writing again**.

So wherever you are, whoever you are, raise a glass for us and get ready for even more film criticism and probably-relevant jokes. The future is a mystery, but the present…is a party:


**It took a month, but I finally had a nightmare that the thing from It Follows was after me, so things are lookin’ good on that front. Also, Mad Max: Fury Road and a new Jurassic Park movie are coming out, and I’m pretty pumped for both of those. Pumped enough to have written opinions? Who knows!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us: It’s Rooster Illusion’s Third (3, tres, troi*) Birthday

  1. James, you used the word “roster” without going that extra mile and making a “rooster” pun. I am very disappointed in you.

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