Rooster Recap: Justified 5.11 “The Toll”

Rooster Recap

This week on Justified, folks be gearin’ up to a big finale. We’ll get Ava out of the way right quick, because nothing much interesting happened to her. Basically, it just looks like she’ll be getting away with her shanking. Good for her.

In the much more interesting plot, Art is shot and critically wounded while attempting to move Alison to a safe house. Of course, neither he nor she got a clear look at the shooter. Raylan jumps to the conclusion that it’s probably Daryl, while the rest of the Marshal Service jumps to the conclusion that it’s probably Theo Tonin. In an unexpected turn of events, Tonin fesses up to ordering the shooting, and fingers his old crony but recent enemy Picker as the gunman. Now, if it looks a bit convenient that an already incarcerated man names his son’s killer as the gunman, that’s because it is. Shortly after arresting Picker (and Wynn Duffy and Boyd Crowder, with whom he was meeting), the Marshals realize just how convenient that solution was, and release everyone.

Also, look who are finally back on the show! Source

Also, look who are finally back on the show!

As the investigation continues, Picker, Wynn, and Boyd resume their conference determining Boyd’s future in their criminal organization. Understandably, Wynn is mightily disgruntled with Boyd over the whole Mexican heroin debacle. However, Boyd is in a bad mood following recent events, and as countless episodes have exemplified in the past, Boyd Crowder is not to be trifled with while in a bad mood. Prepared for anything, Boyd quickly identifies Picker as sower of the seed of doubt in Wynn, and decides to do something about it. He’s about to when the Marshals interrupt the first time, but he gets his second chance… and blows him up. Afterwards, he issues a cordial ultimatum to Wynn and leaves. Classic.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Kendal wander on into the Marshal headquarters, with Daryl seemingly turning himself in. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Kendal confesses to the crime. His story is mighty suspect, though, at least Raylan, Tim, and Rachel, all of whom understand pretty clearly now that Daryl is the shooter, intending to kill Raylan, but hitting Art instead, and Kendal is the sad kid whose crappy, cowardly uncle somehow convinced to take the heat. Raylan imparts his wisdom to Daryl, who blatantly disregards it.

So, Art’s still in the hospital, his shooter identified, but still at large. Dewey is still missing, Boyd has cut ties with Wynn, Kendal’s in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Rachel’s been named acting chief of the department, Ava’s still in prison, and there are only two episodes left in the season.

I got all that out in under five hundred words. I’m usually not this concise. It’s weird.

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