Rooster Recap: Justified 5.10 “Weight”

Rooster Recap

This week’s episode of Justified was pretty good. Despite the teaser synopsis I read online, “The hunt for Dewey Crowe puts Raylan and Boyd on a collision course,” Raylan and Boyd did not, in fact, have any direct contact this week, but their separate stories were both pretty well done. The main conflict carries over from last week’s episode, ending with Dewey speeding off in a car full of Boyd and Daryl’s recently purchased heroin, having run over both Danny and DEA agent Miller along the way. Miller’s not dead, by the way. He’s just in the hospital with a broken hip. Danny, and everyone else, for that matter, is quite unhappy.

Which, you know, is not unusual for this show. Source

Which, you know, is not unusual for this show.

He gets even more unhappy after his dog is run over by a car on Kendal’s watch. Afraid for his wellbeing, Kendal hightails it to Alison’s place, but doesn’t remain there long, as Alison calls Wendy to come collect him. To save himself and redirect everyone’s rage, Kendal finally tells Daryl and Wendy that Danny killed Jean-Baptiste several episodes ago. Rage is redirected, but Daryl is unable to do anything about it, since he needs Danny to go to a designated meeting point to collect the drugs from Dewey.

Dewey’s designated meeting point is not intended for the Crowes, though. He intends to sell things to one of the Bennetts’ old contacts, which he received from special guest star Dickey Bennett (Jeremy Davies). That contact not only tattles on Dewey to the Crowes, but Dickey also tattles on Dewey to Raylan, who’s also hot on Dewey’s trail.

Look who's back! Source

Look who’s back!

At the rendezvous point, Danny shows up and collects the drugs, but Dewey manages to escape. So, he’s currently on the run from everyone. Danny returns to the old homestead where Raylan is waiting. Planning on mourning his dog in peace, Danny is mightily perturbed to see Raylan. So, he draws his trust knife and charges. What he fails to see, since it’s dark, is the freshly dug grave a few feet in front of him. He falls in, landing on his knife, and dies.

Rest in peace, I guess. Source

Rest in peace, I guess.

Reasonably upset, Daryl seeks consolation from his sister, who offers none, and instead tells him that she and Kendal are going to get while the going’s good. Displeased, Daryl hits Wendy, because he’s a jerk. He goes to Kendal and does a little blood brothers bonding thing, forcing Kendal to promise to stay.

In the meantime, Ava’s prison plot continues to develop in unpleasant directions. Learning that Judith is actually kind of an awful person, she decides that a shankin’ ain’t too tough after all, and that eventually culminates in the inevitable. She also seemingly breaks things off with Boyd, even though Boyd has finally figured out a way to get her free, which he then sort of abandons. I don’t know. It’s weird.

I don’t know where on earth Tim and Rachel have been this whole time. I kind of miss them. Art, too, but I think the Marshal Service will come back in the next episode. Finally.

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