Rooster Recap: Archer Vice and the Vampiric FBI Agent

Rooster Recap

This episode kicks off with the ISIS crew trying to decide what to do with Pam, the ever obnoxious coworker who has taken her irritation and gluttony to a new level by becoming addicted to cocaine (See, it’s the food joke, but with drugs). Faced with two horribly unsuccessful drug deals and their most useful ally shot in the gut, they realize they can’t continue to let Pam consume most of the multi-million dollar stash of cocaine they have holed up in their mansion.


This EP moved along rather slowly, involving long Cyril-led conversations about 4th Amendment search-and-seizure law, which were informative, but felt like time wasting. The plot of the episode involved an extremely eccentric FBI agent (Who hopefully will be a major character going forward) being invited into the mansion unwittingly by Woodhouse, who is undoubtedly still irritated about no one trying to save him from having spent the previous few hours trapped under an old medicine ball (Woodhouse exacts his revenge in incredibly passive-aggressive ways). The joke is made that the rules of cops and vampires are eerily similar, which honestly I’d never thought of, not being a huge fan of the whole vampire genre fad of the 21st century. 

The rest of the episode was a Scooby-Doo-esque chase sequence, full of secret passages, skeletons, potential felony arrests and, best of all, Kreiger, who was mysteriously absent in the previous episode. Our mad doctor has reinvented his mind-control chip, ostensibly improved from the old “Rabbert Klein” model of previous seasons, in hopes of curing Pam’s addictive personality. Mallory’s cruel (but shrewd) alternative is to put the mind control chip in Cheryl to help her become a money-making country singer, and simply kill Pam.


By the end of the episode, the agent has been successfully warded off, Cyril and Kreiger have decided to plant the chip in Cheryl’s brain, and there is still enough cocaine left in the building to pay their way out of trouble, if they can refrain from screwing up any more deals (Which as well all know, they will).

I wasn’t as big a fan of this week’s episode as the EP prior. It seemed rather transitional, and about half of it was Archer and Lana making high school humor next to a pile of cocaine whilst barring the door against the FBI agent. There is enough humor going for it to keep the show watchable, but hopefully in the next 22 minutes one of the group will actually aspire to leave the mansion at some point.

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