Half Rack of Sibbs: We’re the Millers (2013) – “If anyone asks…”

Rooster Illusion Half Rack of SibbsThe summer is starting to wind down to a close in the not only weather department, but also the film department. As we pack away our beach bodies and bundle up with hair for the upcoming chilly months, Hollywood starts to pack away the blockbusters and lacklusters of the summer, and prepare for the interesting movies that will come out this fall and winter. This week, I ventured down to the theater and in a little Saturday matinee of We’re The Millers, and this is what I took away.

"If anyone asks... We are the Millers!"

“If anyone asks… We are the Millers!”

Plot: Living the normal Weed Dealer kind of life, David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) comes into a rough patch when a couple of low life thieves take all of his money and weed, leaving him with nothing to give to his boss, Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms), a multi-millionaire business man. Gurdlinger makes an offer to Clark that he cannot refuse…because he will be killed if he does. Clark must venture across the border of Mexico in a huge RV to pick up a smidge (which ends up actually being about 1.5 tons) of product, cross the border, and bring it all back in one piece. Seems easy right? Well, in real life… probably yes. But in this movie, this ends up being the least of his worries.

Forced to come up with a plan, Clark assembles a team (family) in order to convince the the border patrol that there is nothing suspicious going on. The team consists of newly evicted neighbor and stripper in his building Rose O’Riely (Jennifer Aniston), homeless girl (because of complications with her parents) Casey Mathius (Emma Roberts), and awkward teenage virgin boy Kenny Rossmore (Will Poulter). Together, they must set their original selves aside and come together as the Miller family. Little did they know, the product they are transporting is actually stolen from a Mexican Cartel leader. Will they make it out alive? Well… SPOILER ALERT… they will. What kind of comedy movie has all of the main actors dying?

Say "Hola" to a new set of problems!

Say “Hola” to a new set of problems!

Ok, so as far as the review goes… this movie really just sits in the middle of blockbuster and lackluster. It’s like food at Denny’s. It’s not as good as you want it to be, but it is still quite good and beats the hell out of going to McDonalds at 3am in the morning after a ravishing game of horseshoes and jenga. It’s a summer comedy movie. Will it win an award… well, I hope not. Will it make you laugh? You bet your $10 ticket it will!  The core four in this movie pair really well together. Sudekis gets his usual crude humor chuckles and laughs, while Aniston gets to strut her stuff and show some skin. The other two (Roberts and Poulter) are actually new to me and quite honestly, probably new to you. However, they play their roles quite flawlessly in this flick.

The cons in this movie (and in most comedy movies of this nature) lie in the plot. Just in unanswered questions, structured characters with backgrounds, things that looked so easy that it lost that realistic view. But, again, it’s what you expect from a film like this. No more, no less.

What actually made me enjoy the movie even more was the performance of Nick Offerman (yes, Ron from Parks and Rec) halfway through the movie. Offerman plays the father of another RV Family the Fitzgeralds. After running into a little trouble later in the movie, the Millers rely on the Fitzgeralds to help get their RV back on the road after a little trouble. But little did they know, Don Fitzgerald is a DEA agent. What a twist in the movie that was! And it just added to the humor immensely. Offerman does a great job of being that awkward dad figure… with a slight badass side.

What a stache

What a stache

The questions you’re probably asking are “Should I see this movie?”, “Will I like it?”, “Is it worth it?”, “Do we see Aniston’s lady parts?”, “Will the popcorn be any good?”. Well, I’ll answer them as simply as this:

1. No comment (because I can’t tell you what to do) 2. Probably (If you like comedy movies, then absolutely)! 3. Maybe (See it on a reduced ticket if you can, or wait till dvd) 4. Of course not! C’mon! Why would you even ask that! (But she does have her own little scene in the movie that really gets you saying “wow… Jennifer! who would’ve thought?!”) and 5. Not as good as you ever want it to be.

Thats as close as it gets gents...

Thats as close as it gets gents…

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