March Madness Round 1: ‘The Revenant’ vs. ‘Inside Out’

…and we’re back. Due in part to popular demand and in part to our own desperation for site traffic, we’ve decided to bring back Rooster Illusion March Madness. Last year, over the course of the month, anyone who wanted to was able to vote in our championship bracket to determine the best film of 2014, and y’all (wisely) picked The Lego Movie. This year we’re voting for the best film of 2015. The editorial and writing staff here at Rooster Illusion have already selected the sixteen contestants. All you need to do is vote. Dig it:

March Madness 2016First up we’re beginning with the singularly odd pairing of The Revenant and Inside Out, but I guess that’s what happens when you organize things based on a dice roll. Need a refresher on either film? You can check out our reviews of the featured films by clicking on the blue highlighted titles and following the links, but don’t forget to come back and vote afterwards! Let the games begin.

New Regency Pictures/Disney Pixar

New Regency Pictures/Disney Pixar

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