Rooster Recap: ‘Dexter’ Season 8, Episode 5: “This Little Piggy”

Miss you, Lundy!

Miss you, Lundy!

Disclaimer: If you watch Dexter, you know what a foul mouth Debra Morgan has.  Well, it’s rubbed off on me and I might speak accordingly.

Remember what a clusterfuck it was when retired Special Agent Frank Lundy died only four episodes into Season 4?  I had heard that the fourth season of Dexter was one of the best seasons on television ever, and I’m thinking to myself, “If the season is this intense four episodes in, what the fuck is going to happen in the finale?”  Something big, probably.  Definitely.

Pretty bottle, at least.

Pretty bottle, at least.

To counter the intensity of this episode, I’m reviewing Cool Red by Relax.  It’s different than any wine I’ve had before, and has a visually striking bottle (only reason I bought it).  The label actually recommends that you serve this red wine chilled.  Huh.  It’s a much more casual red wine than most, and is of no specific variety.  Relax recommends pairing it with pretty much the most American of foods — cheese, appetizers, pizza, and hamburgers.  Cool Red is a very sweet light wine, which is unusual for a red.  It’s got notes of plums and cherries, but serving it chilled makes it difficult to taste anything more detailed.  For all I know, it could be a white wine with red dye and fruit flavoring.  Not an unpleasant wine, just… flashy.  What do you expect from a wine that doesn’t have a year on it?

The episode starts with a fairly awkward therapy session in which Dr. Vogel is helping Dexter and Deb through last week’s struggle: Deb drove Dexter off of a bridge into the water.  Deb survived.  Dexter went under the water unconscious and Deb had second thoughts and rescued him.  Clearly there are some tensions. “You saved me? You only had to save me because you tried to kill me.”  Deb almost left Harrison an orphan.  At the same time, Deb has PTSD from killing LaGuerta and from learning that her father Harry killed himself because of Dexter.  “To hell with both of you,” he says before leaving.  “Don’t forget to write it down.”  We see Dexter angry for the first time in a while, possibly since Miguel back in Season 3.

At home, the stress of dealing with Deb and Harrison getting ready for school lands Dexter accidentally agreeing to go on a date with Cassie.  Ugh.  At the office, Masuka tries to bond with Dexter over the fact that they’re both dads now.  But what if Quinn’s right and Masuka’s daughter is showing up just to get some cash from her father? During lunch later, his daughter asks if Masuka is “Mr. Rich Guy” and orders about three times as much food without offering to pay.  Masuka goes to Deb’s private investigation office to hire her to watch  and figure out what’s up.

She looks nice, at least.

She looks nice, at least.

Suspicious — and probably not a bad guess on Quinn’s part. Quinn’s been under a lot of stress lately, as he’s currently investigating a Mr. Hamilton who’s a good friend of Miami Metro for the murder of his maid, Norma Rivera.  He’s also competing with Detective Miller for the Sergeant’s position.  Poor Quinn.

I really hope he makes Sergeant.

I really hope he makes Sergeant.

As it turns out though, Mr. Hamilton and Norma were having an affair, but he denies the murder.  Dexter notices that Hamilton’s son looks awfully suspicious though.  Could he be protecting his son?  Was the son protecting his father?  The son confronts Dexter as he’s getting into the car, asking about what the crime scene looked like.  “You’re wasting your time investigating my dad,” he says, “My dad’s an asshole, but not a killer.”  Quinn and Miller later go to the crime scene of Norma Rivera’s murder, where a witness identifies Hamilton’s son Zach as someone who’d been around the area recently.  By the time the witness got to the crime scene though, he seemed to have forgotten anything.  Captain Matthews tells Quinn to let go of the case and respect the Hamiltons, especially if Quinn is trying to make Sergeant.

In an irrelevant LOST throwback, it seems Dr. Vogel’s favorite song is Make your own kind of music by The Carpenters, which she’s listening to when Yates kidnaps her.  Miami Metro Homicide is at Yate’s house at the time, where they find the bodies of his past victims.  Each body is wearing the left shoe, buried with the victim’s purse and I.D., along with all the toes on the right foot sequentially broken.  Deb seems to have improved though, and rushes to the crime scene to inform Dexter of Vogel’s kidnapping.  She wants to help Dexter kill Yates.  She also apologizes to Dexter and admits that she really does need him in her life.  I guess hitting rock bottom helped after all!  We learn that Yates is keeping Vogel at a vacant house whose electric setup he’s been working on.  He tells Vogel to get rid of her hero.

When Dexter gets home after such a loaded day, trying to find Yates and all, he finds a double date with Jamie, Quinn, and Cassie.  I really don’t like it when Dexter has other women in his life.  On top of that, he gets a call from Deb that’s narrowed down one of Yates potential houses.  He pulls Cassie aside though and vaguely explains the situation with the promise of rescheduling.

Go away, Cassie.

Go away, Cassie.

Dexter rushes out to pick up Deb and look into the houses.  The scene cuts to Yates in the process of starting to break Dr. Vogel’s toes.  She tries to use psychology on him to stop the process.  She pretends to be understanding, she pretends to be his abusive mother.  Anything to buy her more time.  She manages to sneak a phone call to Dexter, who listens in on the whole situation while Deb gets Elway to trace the call.

"Which little piggy won't be making it to the market?"

“Which little piggy won’t be making it to the market?”

Luckily, Elway finds the number and Deb calls him a saint.  Hah.  Because he was in The Boondock Saints!  Unfortunately, Yates notices the phone call and things escalate.  Yates yells, “Fuck you Dexter!” and hangs up the phone.  Dexter and Deb aren’t far behind though, and they find Vogel bound in a closet upstairs.  Where’s Yates though?  Dexter notices a blood swipe near the bed.  Then, like a fucking badass, Dexter pretends to walk away and then lunges a curtain rod all the way through the bed and into Yates’ back.  Bam.  And Deb’s completely okay with it!  Deb and Vogel even join Dexter when he takes his boat out to dump the body.

Recap: This is what blows my mind.  Yates was the serial killer of the season, and he’s dead now.  What the fuck is going to happen this season!?  Part of me thinks Deb, Vogel, and Dexter are going to become a team of vigilante serial killer killers, of sorts, although I’d rather see something less predictable.  I don’t know how I want the season to end, but not like this. Hopefully Quinn will make Sergeant, hopefully Masuka will find peace with his daughter, and hopefully Dexter will find a badass way to end the series, but that might be too much to ask for.

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