SciFridays: “Alligator X”

Baddie – It’s a magical pleiosaurus, Charlieeeee. Lesson – Don’t dick with science. You might end up with an irrelevant movie. This week on SciFridays, I sat down to the labor intensive task of drinking tea, knitting, taking notes and watching “Alligator X” or, as IMDB says, “Predator X”. The latter is more fitting as they…

SciFridays: “Creature”

Baddie – Incest. Lesson – It’s totally still okay to poke fun at rednecks. “Creature” is a 2011 film that is loosely based around the Native American ‘Wendigo’ myth (man becomes cannibalistic, becomes monster) but set in the Bayou with rednecks, which is marginally less offensive then it could have been.