The Alien Quadrilogy in the Roost

Untitled-1-02In this episode of the Rooster Illusion podcast, the Alien Quadrilogy is in the Roost. Alex (The Tuesday Zone, Eldritch Adaptations), Will (A Bomb in the Lasagna, Capes on Camera), Sarah (SciFriday, Thrillhers), and Chris (Second Breakfast) discuss the regression of the Alien Quadrilogy, starting with the masterful Alien, followed by the respectable Aliens, then the abysmal Alien 3, and lastly the baffling Alien: Resurrection. Join us in the Roost as we pick apart lows, highs, and whys of this famous series.


Show Notes

0:15:25 – “Reassessing Alien: Sexuality and the Anxieties of Men” by Jason Haggstrom

0:51:40 – “Alien’s Great 4th Wall Break” by Folding Ideas

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