Mindless Action Mondays: The Boondock Saints


By Drew Parton

Since St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner (more like St. Party’s Day, right?), I decided to watch the cult classic film The Boondock Saints.

Indican Pictures

Indican Pictures

Now, I’ve been struggling to find the words to describe my feelings for the movie, but I’d overall have to say: I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad movie- but I love it either way.

The Boondock Saints is about two Irish-Bostonian brothers: Connor and Murphy McManus, played by Sean Patrick Murphy and Norman Reedus- better known as “the only reason you’re still watching The Walking Dead.” The McManus brothers think that they get a message from God, who tells them to kill evil people. Usually that sounds like some Son of Sam shit, but it’s played more for fun. While the titular “Boondock Saints” murder first the Russian mob and then the Italian mob, they’re pursued by three stereotypical Boston cops and Willem Dafoe. Over the course of the film, FBI Agent Dafoe struggles with his feelings towards their Vigilantism. And Billy Connelly is also in it as a magnificently delightful assassin called “Il Duce” who is also SPOILERS the McManus’ father. END SPOILER

Now, I mentioned that I’m not quite sure whether or not The Boondock Saints is a good film. I get it, it’s an indie film made on a shoestring budget and a lot of spunk. It feels an awful lot like writer/director/producer Troy Duffy made it in college- and despite some well-known actors, most of the people were in there because they were friends/owed him one. And while, like Evil Dead 1&2, I wouldn’t hold it against them- it does feel a lot like it.

Indican Pictures

Indican Pictures

The film completely flopped in theaters- but I’ll say that it’s not the fault of the movie. It was only in theaters for a week and came out right after the Columbine school shootings. But thankfully it has garnered enough fans since to merit a sequel (albeit it 9 years later) with another one in the works.

Now, I mentioned in my Kingsman: The Secret Service review (I REALLY LIKED IT, GUYS) that that movie felt like Tarantino without his head up his ass. And that felt a little more like modern Tarantino (Inglorious Basterds, Django: Unchained) but The Boondock Saints feels a little more like early Tarantino (also without head in ass)- 1990’s movies like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction,and the like. It’s got that same style and feel (and definitely that same profanity). In addition, Kingsman is a phenomenal film, whereas Boondock Saints isn’t exactly so. One word I’ll use for the film is “adorable.”

Indican Pictures

Indican Pictures

Though not about Willem Dafoe

It’s a little bit like a small dog trying to get on a couch. It’s not really working, but it’s fun to watch and wonderfully endearing. In fact, if you look on most review sites (especially the review aggregate sites like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes) you’ll see that most critics didn’t like it, but almost all of the viewers/users did. And this is one of the biggest reasons that I find this movie hard to talk about. I love it, but I’ll never put it up in the category of “good films.”

If you’re looking for a great Irish-y St. Patrick’s day movie to watch tomorrow, it’s a very great choice. And not a bad drinking game:

Now, for the viewing I did, I made homemade Whiskey-Vanilla ice cream root beer floats (go change your pants, then come back). And if you’re going to play the game, I’d recommend you drink light as well- with plenty of water, because Rooster Illusion Reviews endorses responsible drinking. So here are some of the rules my friends and I came up with:

-Take a sip (A SIP) every time they say the word “fuck” (246 times for those counting).

-Drink every time Willem Dafoe weirds you out (also about 246 times)

-Drink every time they show a close-up of the McManus brothers’ tatoos

-Drink whenever Billy Connelly is a magnificent bastard

-Finish whenever brothers recite their family prayer before they execute someone

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