Parton the Interruption: More Than Meets the Eye!

By Drew Parton

Previously on Parton the Interruption:

Reindeer Games   |  Transformers 2  |  Jingle All the Way

Collision Course  |  Snow Day  |  No Holds Barred  |  Star Wars Ewoks  |

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly  | Sasquatch Mountain  |  Doom

Back in the winter, my brother and I did a video review together of Reindeer Games, and this week we’re back! This time, we did it a bit differently, though. We did it as a podcast since it’s much easier to do. Unfortunately, you don’t get to see us, so those of you who were hoping to catch a glimpse of my recently shaven face- too bad. It’s more of a listening thing than a watching thing anyway.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out my science column: Trope-ic Thunder and to read more from John, check out his blog where he writes about movies and TV: Champagne and Fart Jokes. The man’s funny.

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