Mindless Action Mondays: 2 Guns, 1 Cup.

MindlessActionMondaysBy Drew Parton

Hey, everybody, this week, I popped down to the local cinema to check out the new buddy-cop action film 2 Guns.


The film is about two lesbian lovers, played by Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg with an amazing amount of make-up on them (I hardly recognized them). The movie doesn’t have a straight-forward plot, it’s more of an abstract film more concerned with the message. It’s really about the shallowness and laziness of hollywood and the way they just tend to recycle what once was good until it becomes just a heaping pile of puked up shit. I think that- wait, I’m sorry, I’m being told that is not 2 Guns, that is the viral video 2 Girls, One Cup. And I need to take a shower and bleach my brain.

So 2 Guns is about an undercover DEA agent (Denzel Washington) and an undercover naval intelligence officer (Mark Wahlberg) who work together for a mexican drug kingpin (Edward James Olmos), both secretly trying to bring him down for their respective agencies–here’s the thing, they each don’t know the other is undercover! What hilarity! When they rob a bank to get evidence (and revenge) on Edward James Olmos, they accidentally steal $43 Million dollars from a CIA black-ops slush fund. Disavowed by their respective organizations, the two have to team up once more to get to the bottom of things and recover the money, all while being hunted by the drug cartel, the Navy, and the CIA.

I thoroughly enjoyed 2 Guns. Was it a great movie? No. But it was a fun movie. The movie isn’t as dumb as it appears to be. Sure, it’s not exactly a smart movie–it ain’t art house cinema–but there are enough twists and turns that I was genuinely surprised about. Marky Mark and Denzel both get their moments and do a very good job, actually. I was half-expecting them to phone this one in, but they put quite a bit into their performances, and there’s a lot of legitimate chemistry and comedy between the two, which I think is really what carries this film. The rest of the cast is more than serviceable, including Paula Patton as Deb, Washington’s on-again-off-again lover and DEA handler; James Marsden as Marky Mark’s commanding officer and SPOILER Deb’s secret boyfriend who she plotted with to set up Mark and Denzel END SPOILER; Bill Paxton’s triumphant return as a slimey and viscous CIA operative looking to get the money back; and James Edward Olmos lends some much needed depth and humanity to Papi Greco, violent and ruthless Drug lord. Paxton and Olmos are absolutely fantastic villains (though Paxton takes every turn to ham it up) and I’d really love to see Olmos play more villains in the future.

So say we all...

So say we all…

And it’s nice to see Wahlberg doing a good movie again. He’s shown that he can be a hell of an actor in movies such as The Departed, The Fighter, Three Kings, Pain and Gain, Boogie Nights, and my personal favorite The Other Guys. But his career’s just gotten bogged down with films like The Italian Job, Contraband, and lest we forget Max Payne.

I'm sure he'd like to.

I’m sure he’d like to.

Really the film draws its strength from its cast. It has some decent action scenes– though not nearly as many as the trailer made it seem–and the writing is not bad, but it’s the cast, the acting, and really the on-screen chemistry between them that carries this movie. The low part of the film is probably the semi-romance between Washington’s character and Deb (Paula Patton). They were lovers before and though she has a new boyfriend now, they still hook up a few times. They never really get close, mainly do to Washington’s forced distance. And while they both act it well for the most part, their sort-of love scenes are just awkward.

Not like this guy, ladies...

Not like this guy, ladies…

Overall, I think the film was amusing, entertaining, and not a bad way to spend 109 minutes. There are some minor flaws in the film, and it’s really nothing extraordinary, but it’s decently made, decently acted, and quite a lot of fun.

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2 thoughts on “Mindless Action Mondays: 2 Guns, 1 Cup.

    • No, The Italian Job is not nearly as bad as Max Payne, but it is by no means a good movie. And that one has less to do with Marky Mark and more to do with the writing.

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