Trope-ic Thunder: Songs That Stir My Scientific Soul

Trope-ic Thunder BannerBy Drew Parton

This week, instead of talking, lets just listen.

The youtube user melodysheep does a series of videos called Symphony of Science, in which they autotune and cut together speeches by scientists into a song. They’re pretty informative, and really cool. And they give me the biggest science hard-on so I thought I’d post a few here:

Starting with an anthem for science in general:

One from psychology

and one with Morgan Freeman!

MPW-52941If you haven’t gotten goosebumps from those, you’re not fucking human. Or Scientifically literate, in which case you probably shouldn’t be reading this column.

Anyway, back to business as usual next week, when I’ll be talking about Social Psychology, prejudice, and the 2004 Best Picture Oscar winner, CRASH

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