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Not included in that list? A hotel room death march.

The Tuesday Zone: ‘Anomalisa’ (2015)

I’m not the only one who went through a Charlie Kaufman phase, right? For many of us who were pretentious teenager in the 2000s, Kaufman provided recognition of how smart we all were. Being John Malkovich and Adaptation have plenty of nuance, but for my oh-so-deep self, the important part was how the protagonists’ brilliance went unrecognized. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless…


Eldritch Adaptations: ‘Necronomicon’ (1993)

Eldritch Adaptations is a series of reviews of movies based on or heavily inspired by the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft—better known as H. P. Lovecraft—an American horror writer who produced numerous stories during the 1920s and ’30s.  His works have influenced the horror genre and inspired major writers and directors like Guillermo del Toro,…